The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program is a 10 week program created to aid the best and brightest future leaders to begin their careers in fields including but not limited to: public policy, politics, law, government, defense, NGO’s, and national security.

Originally started by Retired Rear Admiral James J. Carey, the program uses its expansive network of contacts within the various industries of DC to open the door for its scholars to gain internships.  Through our program’s use of both assistance with internship placement, and an assortment of networking events, scholars are able to gain a valuable stepping stone in their career development.  With lectures and events held by Congressmen and Women, Senators, Judges, Dignitaries, and Administrators in various fields, WSFP provides a unique and valuable exposure to Washington Life to its fellows.

Beyond just the long-term benefits to its fellows, many colleges award credit to their students for participation in the program.  While each college is different and there isn’t a set guideline for attaining college credit, but in the past WSFP has put scholars in touch with their DC supervisor before they arrive, which allows collaboration which provides more specific expectations of scholars in their internship, and allows for schools to provide more accurate credit more easily.