How does WSFP help scholars adjust to living in DC? 

WSFP pairs scholars with mentors that help them adjust to life in DC, and become better professionals.

Are there any special services for Veterans Applying for WSFP?

There are scholarships available to Veterans, and any that apply should note their rank in their application, which will make them automatically considered for those scholarships.

Is there an age limit to apply for WSFP?

There is no official age limit to the program, though it is aimed at juniors and seniors in college, recent graduates, and graduate students.

Do I have to be enrolled to apply for the program?

There is no prerequisite to be enrolled in a university college to be considered for the program.

Am I guaranteed an internship placement if I’m accepted in the program?

While WSFP does use its vast network to aid its scholars with internship placement, it is the responsibility of each scholar to attain their own internship.

Does WSFP provide any housing to its scholars?

Housing scholarships and supplemental scholarships are provided to help mitigate the cost of living in DC, and during the summer housing is provided to those that receive the housing scholarship.

Can I receive college credit for participating in WSFP?

While it is not guaranteed, many schools will actually award scholars for the work they do in DC.  Because every school is different, there is no set guideline on how to do this, but WSFP often puts its scholars in touch with their supervisor in DC before they arrive, giving the scholars the opportunity to work with their supervisor and their school to gain credit for their internship.  Once again, this is the responsibility of the scholar.